The art of using mannequins, display units and shelving

Mannequins are key to expressing your brand’s personality. Use them on the shop floor or in window displays to show off the latest trends with products from your store. Customers are more inclined to make a purchase when they see an item off the hanger and styled alongside other apparel. There’s then the chance of upselling other products. If you have a children’s range then use children or baby mannequins to target parents or other demographics.

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A poorly laid out shop will result in fewer sales, fact. Therefore it’s important to use a mixture of display units, clothes rails and shelving to keep customers engaged. Striking the right balance between the three will help create a positive shopping environment. Utilise shelving on different levels and use colours or materials that reflect your brand image. Make sure all shelves and display units are well stocked. There’s nothing worse than a sparse shelf.

Display units are great for utilising space. They also provide the opportunity to add creative as well as product. This is perfect for any sale offers or new brand launches etc.

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